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Your camper rental in Bavaria

We welcome you on our website of ELK ReiseMobile in Buch am Erlbach.

We are a family-run company which provides rental of latest campers in cooperation with great German retailers starting spring 2018.

We attach importance to family friendly offers and campers for big families and groups up to 6 passengers. We also have classics for up to 4 passengers and active campers for up to 2 passengers are available.

In turbulent times, special and important vacation days – with needs for secure and restful leisure time – become more important.

Europe offers beautiful destinations and with the right camper you go to every place you ever wanted to see. The south provides sun, sea, the east vastness and peace, the west great food and the north breathtaking landscapes and pure nature.

We want to give you the chance to explore all that and help you with advice.

Our team has extensive experience and almost lives in the north. For this reason our campers named as characters of “Nils Holgersson”.


Take your time to find your desired camper and contact us, if you need our help.


With warmest and best wishes

Your Team from ELK ReiseMobile

  • Jürgen Mayrhofer
    Jürgen Mayrhofer Founder & CEO

    consulting & sales

    +49 (0)8709 9239 23

    + 49 (0)171 851 5817

  • Sebastian Mayrhofer
    Sebastian Mayrhofer co-owner

    customer service

    +49 (0)8709 9239 23

  • Is it you?
    Is it you? office management

    consulting & service

    +49 (0)8709 9239 23

  • Ares
    Ares day watch

    guarding, barking & chasing

  • Flecki
    Flecki night watch

    guarding, hissing & chasing