How do I clean up the vehicle after rent?


Please clean the vehicle interior by taking note at the following points. We clean the camper for a 130,- € charge, 80,- € for VW. The external cleaning is included in your service charge. If the vehicle isn’t clean enough, we will charge the cleaning.

  • Driver’s cab and floor is clean
  • Handbooks, instruction manual and driver’s documents are complete
  • Floor is brushed and wiped
  • Cupboards and drawers wiped
  • Personal items aren’t at the vehicle
  • Furniture fronts and mirrors clean
  • There is no garbage at the vehicle
  • Toilet is empty and clean
  • Wastewater tank and fresh water tank empty
  • Bathroom clean, no more hair at the overflow
  • Fridge clean, freezer deicing
  • Cooking hob is clean
  • Seating area is built up,  Sitzgruppe ist ordentlich aufgebaut, cushion is clean
  • Matresses are clean and aspirated, please pay attention to hairs
  • Awning is clean
  • Renting equipment is complete
  • Fuel tank is full – Please choose a filling station nearby